A New Year Message From The FNC

2014The Free North Campaign wishes all of our comrades and supporters a very happy and healthy New Year. We also extend solidarity greetings to like-minded progressive and socialist organisations around the world that fight for regional autonomy, devolution or full independence. In particular, we renew our support for those campaigning for a Yes vote in the referendum on Scottish independence in September.

The first task of the FNC is to get people thinking and talking about the idea of Northern independence. We believe an independent Northern Republic is a radical but common sense alternative to the status quo in which the Westmister-based political class inflicts its neo-liberal agenda on the North of England. Of course, we acknowledge that other parts of England are also under attack, but we believe sincerely that the chances of an effective fightback based on solidly left-wing principles is much stronger in the North than in England generally. It makes sense to focus our attention where it is likely to be most effective, even if it is still a long shot (all great history-making ideas start out that way).

Currently we are not a membership-based organisation. Anybody who supports the mission statement of the campaign is a partisan of the FNC. We call on our supporters to make it their New Year’s resolution to increase their efforts in spreading the word about the concept of Northern independence and a Northern Republic based on social justice, equality and direct democracy.